Our Story

Our Story

We are  based in Pretoria, Boardwalk Office park, Olympus, situated in the beautiful tree lined suburb of Faerie Glen.

Middle  Winter, 01 July 2000 Renthea Smit Brokers started business. The very first person to be contacted for a short term insurance quotation, Tamarah Achari, accepted and still is an appreciated client of Renthea Smit Brokers. The winter season of struggling to get a firm grip on the ever changing rules and regulations of the insurance industry, in God’s grace soon advanced to spring and summer season.

In 2004, due to healthy growing business of new clients, Renthea Smit Brokers appointed the first administrative officer in order to expand our swift and effective  service over a broader spectrum.   

2 Years later in 2006, the claims department was set up, supporting, guiding and informing clients through their claiming process. Experiencing any loss or damage, has an extended effect on a person’s life, in more ways than one. Therefore it is important to understand a client’s emotions, as well as the financial and physical dilemma they encounter.

All the divisions of Renthea Smit Brokers  work together as a team, and follow through on the policy to be competent and have expertise knowledge across divisions regarding  short term insurance products and underwriting.  Each officer is  able to assist on any request or need  in all the departments.

In 2019 we became a member of Smit Financial Solutions Pty Ltd. Your one stop Financial centre for short term and long term insurance and investments.

Renthea Smit Brokers is an expert in providing  financial short term insurance, intermediary service and advice on a personal and professional level.

    “Strive not only to be successful, but rather add value”

Vision And Mission

Our mission is to add value to businesses and people’s life. In the same manner that an oak tree represents righteousness and new life, Renthea Smit Brokers represent every client on the insurers business platform.

Our vision is to build our business, expand excellent service and value, obtain deep insight and knowledge across the Insurance industry in order to fulfil our client’s needs.